Ronde tafel IFMA/RICS: From Operational Excellence to Strategic Impact in FM

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Ronde tafel 6-9-18
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De ronde tafel zal zich concentreren op het rapport 'Raising the bar' van 2017.  Klik op de afbeelding om de inhoud van het rapport te downloaden.  De deelnemers van de ronde tafel ontvangen het volledig rapport.

Report for Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and International Facility Management Association


Welcome to the third report in the RICS Raising the Bar research programme. 

Since the publication in 2012 of the first instalment in this series, much has been said about the need for FM to be a strategic resource. 

It is true to say that if FM is not authentically aligned to the corporate values and mission of an organization and its people, then it simply cannot deliver sustainable value. 

This report examines the state of FM in 2017 and how it has moved on since 2012. It aims to provide insight and stimulate debate amongst professionals working in the built environment.

It is clear that in 2017 the world of FM is dynamic and evolving but also at a crossroads in its development. Rapid progress in technology, the environment, and the changing nature of work mean that the opportunities for the profession are almost limitless; this is explored and discussed in the report. However we must also recognize that FM career paths are undergoing significant change and the FM profession faces a potentially serious future talent shortage.

The critical skills needed for future FM leaders focus primarily around collaboration, interpersonal relationships, delegation, strategy formulation and implementation, and we must look to attract people with such skills.  

Gast spreker

Maarten Vermeulen

Managing Director for Europe, Russia & CIS at RICS. RICS corporate global strategy focusses on the implementation of International Standards to create consistency and transparency in the land, property and construction sector worldwide. In line with this RICS (co-)develops standards, trains, qualifies and regulate its members, with the overarching objective to protect the ‘public good’.  

Maarten’s main tasks and responsibilities involve the whole process from strategy development to the successful execution of strategies. 

He is Fellow of RICS since 2008 and Certified Board Member since 2017. 


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