Rondetafel "The new way of Hospitality is more than Welcome!"

When hospitality becomes a factor of success for your business.
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How to boost your relationship with your client or all visitors of your company?

We already knew that by offering a warm, proactive but especially adapted welcome to your customers, you improve the attractiveness of your business for both your staff and your visitors.

Hospitality has become an essential part of business strategy. It participates in building the image of the organization and creates a positive dynamic. The concept of hospitality becomes part of the corporate culture.

The hospitality is mainly based on the hosts and hostesses at the reception: the first contact for your visitor. A successful reception is all benefit for the company. The Hospitality Training organized by Securitas can help you achieve this goal.

The "Hospitality" concept goes beyond hospitality, and is part of a more global challenge: from the concierge service to room management, catering, all the facilities of the building and the attitude of everyone involved. Global concept, goldsmith and tailor made that will make your difference.

Become part of this debate by participating in our joint reflection, on the results of the survey on hospitality / hospitality in companies .


"Every visitor is different and everyone must be greeted differently and sometimes in another language."