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Date: Tuesday 26th May from 3pm to 4pm (registration in advance is not necessary)

When ISO 41001 was introduced in 2018, expectations were very high. This first management systems standard for FM would make industry-wide benchmarks possible and could finally transform FM from a cost to a revenue center....
So, two years later, what can we learn about the global adaptation of ISO 41001? What was the added value for organizations that got certified? Why should FM-organizations implement ISO 41001 instead of ISO 9001? Did implementing the standard help with managing the COVID-19 crisis?


Ian van der Pool MFM, CFM is a very active and internationally oriented FM professional. He is currently employed by the Dutch Ministry of Defence, Joint Support Command. Here he is – amongst others –responsible for implementing a new FM-organization serving 70.000 military and civilian personnel on 50+ military installations. ISO41001 will be used as the foundation for this new organization and its FM-management system.
Through his company ISO41001 CSI, Ian is highly active in promoting the ISO41000-series of FM standards in general and ISO41001 (management system) and ISO41014 (developing FM strategy) In particular. As co-author of both standards, Ian brings relevant insights to the table that cannot be found elsewhere.
Currently Ian is chairman of the European FM standards committee CEN/TC348 (EN15221-series of FM standards). Within the ISO FM standards committee ISO/TC267 he is chairman of AG1 Roadmap (strategic portfolio) and Head of Delegation for the Netherlands.
Ian is the former chairman of the Dutch FM association FMN and a former director in IFMA’s global board of directors.


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